We work with energy sector clients to develop design strategies that evolve work processes, support technical tasks, and reinforce culture — in turn empowering them to attract top talent and tackle challenging problems.
ESG and carbon neutrality goals are growing in importance in the energy world. The energy sector is looking at what it means to take carbon out of the circular economy with carbon capture and sequestration.
—Vince Flickinger, Energy leader

Large energy campuses embrace modularity and flexibility to support hybrid and in-person synergies.

Large energy campuses are evolving as companies embrace hybrid working, minimizing use of the private offices, or standardize smaller private offices. By creating standard/modular room sizes that can easily convert to another space, such as office-to-huddle rooms, clients can maximize the use of their space with ultra flexibility as work modes evolve.


Employee experience and well-being rises to the top of the priority list alongside safety.

For the energy industry, safety has always been a priority, but that focus is expanding to holistic employee well-being. These companies are offering a range of new spaces and amenities, from access to mental and physical health programs to better circulation, daylighting, indoor-outdoor spaces, and places to reflect and restore.


Investments in new, carbon-free energy production will lead to new types of storage solutions.

Across the globe, tax credits and incentives will enhance the growth of new, carbon-free energy such as nuclear, wind, solar, hydropower, and green hydrogen. At the same time, energy companies are funding, developing, and acquiring new, carbon-free energy assets to improve their carbon footprint. This heightened investment is spurring innovations in emissions-free energy production and storage.

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