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Media employees report being in the office less than 40% of the time, which is low compared to other industries. These employees spend a significant portion of their time at other locations, including coworking spaces, client/partner locations, traveling, and spaces unique to media.
—Johnathan Sandler, Media leader

Media platforms are converging, creating more need for integration in the workplace.

As revenue opportunities expand in social media and gaming, media companies will need to facilitate multichannel teams. This presents an opportunity in the media workplace to embrace greater physical connection and in-person moments of convergence.


The physical and digital worlds become increasingly connected.

New generations of media workers have higher technology expectations in the workplace because of the gaming and social media platforms they grew up with. To attract young workers, media environments will be more immersive and allow employees and visitors to engage with content on many layers, both analog and digital.


Media organizations will partner with other lifestyle industries to create new experiences and venues.

As consumers seek out new, in-person experiences for everything from live music and sports events to gaming and retail, media organizations will partner with other industries to develop venues that can extend the value of their content using digital and immersive strategies.

A group of people standing in a room with a stage and lights.
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