Consumer Goods

We design branded workplaces for consumer goods companies that foster pride and connection for employees and visitors, drive compelling brand stories, and cultivate the innovation required to succeed in a changing world.
Clients are investing in strategies to foster creativity and innovation by building workspaces and curated blended experiences for diverse groups to test, learn, connect, and identify future consumer trends.
—Francesca Poma-Murialdo and Juana Vasquez, Consumer Goods leaders

Investments in R&D and innovation will continue to define the consumer goods workplace.

Consumer goods companies are investing in innovation hubs, product experience centers, and other multi-use spaces that bring diverse teams together to co-create, cross-pollinate, and develop new products. Some, like automotive companies, are converting workplace into R&D, showroom, and more specialized spaces to drive revenue and catalyze emerging areas of business, like electric vehicles.


Distribution centers will become “super spaces” that showcase the brand and put products front and center.

To engage with their workforce, consumers, and manufacturing partners, consumer goods companies are extending their brands into distribution centers and warehouses. By activating those spaces beyond purely functional uses, distribution centers can become “super spaces” that showcase the brand and products through observation floors and other educational, learning, and brand-building activities.


Forward-thinking brands are demonstrating their ESG commitments through workplace design and construction practices.

Many consumer goods companies are decarbonizing their supply chain and they’re looking to do the same in their workplaces. Brands have an opportunity to connect their sustainability goals and accomplishments across their entire value chain and to their workplace strategy, such as integrating biophilic design, indoor air quality testing, and sustainable and transparent materials into their spaces.

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