Senior Living

From retirement communities to multigenerational urban high rises, we combine hospitality, residential, and mixed-use expertise to design memorable experiences and living spaces that offer more choice for active older adults.
Varcity at Purdue rendering
Varcity at Purdue, West Lafayette, Ind.
In a rapidly aging society, demand for living facilities and communities supporting older adults is higher than ever. It’s time to make critical investments in residential developments to meet the aspirations of the older adult population.
—Tama Duffy Day, Senior Living leader

Demand for residential and dementia care booms as boomers age.

The “2030 Problem,” when all baby boomers will be over 65 and account for 20% of the population, requires thoughtful and affordable solutions for this growing need for access to healthcare services and facilities that support care with dignity. Be it the “Green House” model (small, self-contained residences serving multiple residents) or in-home care, opportunities to innovate the design of assisted living and dementia will grow in 2024.


Older adults want to age in place in their communities.

People are living in more urban settings, and they want to age in place. To attract older adults to their developments, providers have an opportunity to create diverse, adaptable, multifunctional spaces that offer a range of experiences. These places need to be in the communities in which they already live, which requires smaller, more urban development within 20-minute neighborhoods.


Snowbirds, sunbirds, and strayers: Experience is driving lifestyle choices.

With a possible 40-year lifespan of “retirement,” some active adults are choosing to live in more than one community. Whether moving to sunny climates, pursuing new activities, or seeking out other familiar global communities, they’re making choices driven by their lifestyles, and lifestyle-based environments with a diversity of experiences will be highly sought after.

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