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Technology company communal lounge
Confidential Client, Santa Clara, Calif.
Designing for a broad spectrum of abilities — both physical and neurodiverse — is now table stakes for most technology companies. The experience and performance of the workplace is better for it, too.
—Brian Stromquist, Technology leader

Designing for buzz will attract tech workers back to the office.

In the tech workplace, employers will look to earn their employees’ commutes by exploring buzz-boosting experiences that inspire attendance and productivity. These buzzy experiences will pair sensory-rich physical spaces with on-demand programming to energize the workplace, with a focus on arrival experiences, social spaces, and hospitality-infused team spaces.


The idea of the “club workplace” could enliven urban neighborhoods and locate the office closer to where tech workers live.

Tech companies are looking for real estate in amenity-rich, multiuse live-work neighborhoods where large clusters of employees live. Enter the “club workplace,” a new type of neighborhood workplace that bridges the gap between home and the hub office with the convenience of a reduced commute, and creates opportunities to engage the community in new ways.


Tech employers are starting to design for mentorship.

Hybrid work has heightened the need for lateral awareness in the office — the impromptu ability to observe leadership behaviors or overhear conversations that inform project work or performance. Neighborhood layouts can enhance passive mentorship, but this must also be balanced with spaces with acoustic privacy to allow tech workers to get into a flow state.

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