We help providers reimagine how healthcare empowers patients and benefits communities. Through research, inclusive engagement practices, and integrated expertise, we design environments that harness technology to produce better health outcomes and experiences. Our approach is Radically Human.
Healthcare occupies an interesting place in most communities and is uniquely positioned to help heal some of the wounds and bridge divides. If we thoughtfully reimagine our approach to community engagement, clinical services distribution, and partnership models, we have an opportunity to not only reshape outcomes but also rebuild trust.
—James Crispino, Healthcare leader

Mixed-use healthcare districts are on the rise as rural hospital closures accelerate.

Economic pressures are pushing rural and critical access hospitals out of business at an accelerated rate. Healthcare providers can deliver clinical services within rural and underserved communities through mixed-use healthcare districts — partnering with non-conventional services such as internet providers, grocery stores, and residential developers to deliver more accessible healthcare to communities.


Healthcare providers will work more closely with vulnerable communities to build trust.

Rising clinical care costs are eroding trust between vulnerable communities and healthcare systems. To heal divisions, healthcare providers can engage communities in their healthcare offering. The combinational process of community input and the expertise of healthcare providers results in a system that is built for mutual benefit.


Healthcare operators will adopt AI to manage administrative tasks and lower the cost of care.

Shortages of healthcare professionals are impacting the industry at large. Nurses spend a significant amount of their time conducting administrative tasks. Healthcare providers can adopt AI to perform repetitive tasks and record keeping, lowering the costs of care, and allowing nurses to spend more time with their patients.

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