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As a mission-driven practice, we amplify the stories and values of foundations, associations, and organizations to create positive impact. From partnering with grassroots community changemakers to leading philanthropic foundations, we design places to support meaningful social change.
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Right to Dream Copenhagen, Farum, Denmark
To create more equitable, inclusive cities, we need to recognize that we’re all part of something that is greater than ourselves. For nonprofits, that’s always been their focus. And that’s something that the rest of us can learn from, especially in this moment. This is what real leadership looks like.
—Bevin Savage-Yamazaki, Foundations, Associations & Organizations leader

Non-profits and developers discover mutual benefit by retrofitting underutilized buildings into community hubs.

Rather than demolish vacant or underutilized buildings, developers are retrofitting and reusing these spaces into community hubs that bring together non-profits and other value-aligned tenants. By offering below-market rents to community partners who couldn’t otherwise afford space, these hubs can forge strategic partnerships and drive further impact.


Investments in workers’ holistic well-being will pay dividends.

In a sector facing staff shortages and high burnout rates, talent attraction and retention is key. To appeal to a changing workforce and drive their missions forward, non-profits can invest in spaces and programs that enhance holistic employee well-being, from wellness rooms to community service opportunities to flexible hybrid work arrangements.


The need to reconnect will drive demand for ground floor places to convene membership.

As organizations continue to reconnect with their members in person, there will be a heightened focus on meeting and event spaces, as well as community engagement opportunities. By pursuing public-facing ground floor spaces, organizations can increase their community presence, drive influence, and host revenue and membership-generating activities.

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Design Forecast 2024
Design Forecast identifies the trends and design strategies that are shaping the future of the human experience and the built environment. We provide strategic advice, research, and projects from all 33 of Gensler’s practices to help clients prepare for transformational times.