With a human-centered design approach, we create spaces that promote wellness at all scales with strategies that embrace biophilia, promote physical movement, support mental health and well-being, and foster inclusion.
As more people are displaced through political and climate migrancy, cities and businesses must reimagine how to create wellness at a community scale while also designing for a continuum of care.
—Stacey Olson, Wellness leader

Psychological safety and inclusion will become essential to meet workers’ needs.

Today’s workers are seeking “psychological safety” where they can be their authentic selves. By giving people choice in where to work within the workplace ecosystem and embedding inclusivity and wellness throughout — from equitable access to enhanced daylight and air quality — organizations can create a culture that supports growth, promotes learning, and amplifies innovation and creativity.


Businesses must design for wellness for a multigenerational workforce.

Businesses must learn to flex between hierarchical and adaptive work modes to support the dynamic needs and expectations of multigenerational workforces. Organizations that embed variety and flexibility throughout corporate policies can forge intergenerational connections, creating cultures and spaces that support people’s needs throughout their lifespans and will win the competition for talent.


A new market will emerge around wellness performance.

The shift toward more proactive engagement with wellness is spurring the development of a new market built around data-driven, highly personalized performance. Everything from wearables to training facilities can be designed to help individuals better understand and optimize their health.

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