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Hyatt House Kanazawa

Ishikawa, Japan



Intended to accommodate for mid-to-long-term stay guests, this hotel is celebrated as the first Hyatt hotel in the Hokuriku area. Inspired by the design concept of Kaga-ism — a lifestyle cultivated since the Kaga era, the space reflects the local lifestyle, craftsmanship, and aesthetic senses, along with a way of living in harmony with nature.

The common area zoning structure borrows elements from machiya, a traditional Japanese townhouse. The lounge area features a Japanese-style porch called "Engawa," which connects the inside of the house to the outside, allowing guests to experience a relaxed, holistic atmosphere. The overall design concept of the hotel is a modern interpretation of machiya woodwork and local crafts such as Kaga Yuzen and Temari.

This new destination strives to bring locals and visitors closer together by offering hotel guests an opportunity to authentically experience the culture and community as locals.



ホテルゲストが金沢の街の文化やコミュニティーに密着して「暮らすように滞在」でき、そして地域の人たちも足を運びたくなる ― そんなデスティネーションが新しく金沢駅西側に加わった。