A couple of people in a large room with chairs and a large glass ceiling.
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A person sitting in a chair in a room with a table and a mirror.
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A person sitting in a chair.
A group of people in a room.
A person walking in a room.
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Xandr Headquarters

New York, New York

The headquarters for AT&T's advertising company, Xandr, serves as a workshop for the 21st century — a space to experiment and push the boundaries of human ingenuity. Housed within a cast-iron building, the lobby features the largest kinetic sculpture in New York City, which is inspired by a tetrahedral kite and features 300 individual computer-driven motors. Environmental graphics adorn the hallways, using both algorithmic-derived branding and vintage poster advertisements from the Bell Lab archives. An interior atrium in the middle of the building overlooks a glass ceiling below, which allows natural light to fill the workspace. Supplementing the workstation is a primary pantry and a modular-style, multi-purpose space that can support a range of events.