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YOFC Headquarters

Wuhan, China

The new YOFC Headquarters in Wuhan, China is a high-tech beacon designed to foster connection, collaboration, and communication, while acting as a physical manifestation of the company’s success as the world’s biggest optical fiber manufacturer. With a vision to truly connect the Optics Valley of China and innovative science communities in Wuhan, Gensler designed the YOFC Headquarters with the highest standards to create a pleasant work environment for employees and further build its brand perception.

The unique building shape resembles YOFC’s new symbol, consisting of five wings that intersect around an atrium space. The space reflects the manufacturer’s culture and company heritage, built on connection which extends outwards in all directions. At the core of the YOFC Wuhan Headquarters, the central atrium embodies the manufacturer’s culture and company heritage, built on connection that extends outwards in all directions. The building’s five wings — mostly comprised of office spaces — join together in the atrium and are connected by a collaboration area.

Gensler innovated a smart facade that responds to the surrounding environment and light conditions. Inspired by the Chinese tradition of lattice windows, Gensler’s modern interpretation adopts high-tech solutions to control the sunlight and heat with sensors and motors that control the building’s louvers. Redefining Wuhan Optics Valley norms, the YOFC’s new headquarters design expresses the company’s drive to innovate, connect, and thrive.