Andy Shaw

Product Designer


Context is a personal task manager that is both simple and flexible. It is available on iPhone, iPad and Web.

I’m a big fan of working on side projects. I’ve always found it a great creative outlet and learning experience.

When Michael (friend and former work colleague) showed me an early prototype for a new productivity app and asked if I'd like to get involved, I jumped at the chance.

Responsive web app

We started with iPhone and added an iPad version when Apple made it easier to create universal apps. We also considered creating a desktop version when we began using it more often. However, after playing around with some Mac app ideas, we decided to go the web route.

Landing page for the website

Building for the web evolves so much year on year and we jumped between a couple of different tech stacks before determining what worked best for us. While this slowed things down, it was also a good chance to learn new things and better inform us on choosing the right framework going forward.