Andy Shaw

[yellow tail] wine

A fun and easy way for sales people to learn all there is to know about selling and merchandising [yellow tail] wines.

We were tasked with bringing the training process of new sales team members to mobile. [yellow tail] were sending new hires a physical book to learn key facts, sales techniques etc. I liked the idea of a tactile book but it came with problems the client was looking to solve by going digital. The two main issues were shipping and outdated content.

With the client and our account team for the project based in NYC, fellow designer Chris Thomas and I made the trip over the pond. We had an initial kick-off meeting with the client, followed by a product design sprint I ran to come up with initial ideas of how to solve the problem.

The standout idea was to break down the book into a reading list with a quiz per section. The user would get points for reading through the content and passing the quizzes, all displayed on the leaderboard.

We iterated and refined the sketches into wireframes, which were then used to create a quick prototype. Not only does creating prototypes help inform your own design decisions but when it comes to approvals with clients I find it a lot more effective showing how it works rather than telling.

Once all parties were on board with how it would work, we moved onto high fidelity designs. Again, building out into a prototype really helped with the user flow.

During this stage, we were forced to move back to wireframing as feature creep set in. A photo competition and files section were both discussed. Feature creep with client work can be difficult to manage. After making the client aware of how timelines and cost would be affected, they insisted on moving forward with the changes so we came up with the below.

The photo competitions ended up being the most used part of the application. The app went from something new starters used for their first month to an app used throughout their time with [yellow tail].

I like how this wasn't a project that ended after launching. We developed our relationship with the brand and worked on update after update with them.