Andy Shaw


Message was a mobile messaging platform. A pay-as-you-go service that let people easily manage campaign messages, collect data and generate reports.

First, build up a contact list(s) of mobile numbers – we gave the option to embed a form onto your website or import a CSV file. You could then broadcast a text message to one of your lists. One customer used the app for sending reminders to download a boarding pass the day before a flight.

After successfully running a few campaigns internally we decided to launch the app publicly.

Landing page for the web app

I designed and coded a simple landing page with the help of Chris Thomas who created the logo.

We partnered with Animade to create this charming video. Using minimal and stylish character design coupled with a mechanical transitional device they were able to communicate the essence of the app while maintaining a chirpy and entertaining flow.

Introduction video by Animade

I worked on the script with copywriter Eric Ledford. Eric also worked on the words across this site, from the headlines to the T&Cs.