Andy Shaw

Hey, I’m Andy. I work as a Product Design Lead at ClearScore. I help to bring our mission of financial wellbeing to people across the globe (just launched in Australia) and most recently joined a newly formed open banking team.

  1. Launching down under

  2. WINE app

  3. Pay-as-you-go SMS campaigns

  4. Open Banking

  5. Build and run video display ads

Myself on a beach in Thailand

I’ve been designing unobtrusive, intuitive interfaces for over 15 years.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with early stage startups through to acquisition, creative agencies, print publishers, B2B, B2C and an enterprise SaaS as a generalist product designer. I’ve hired, managed and mentored many amazing designers.

Working within the global teams at ClearScore & Havas, I’ve collaborated with people in over 25 countries (visiting many), I believe this has helped bring more empathy and cultural awareness to my work.

Away from the screen I enjoy going for walks with my dog, cooking along with YouTube chefs, travelling (mainly for the food) and playing football (pre COVID).


A few of the brands I’ve been lucky to work with over the years.

Logos for brands I've worked with.

I’ve recently been impacted by COVID-19 related layoffs along with many of my talented colleagues.

I’m now available for new opportunities.