A large room with many lights.
A large room with a large arched ceiling.
A person standing in a room with large wooden walls.
A large room with a chandelier and a person walking.
A large empty room.
A large room with a large metal railing and a large metal railing.
A large library with a chandelier and people walking.
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Zhongwang (Meritus) Beijing Headquarters

Beijing, China

The Zhongwang (Meritus) headquarters sets a new regional standard in the design of elegant public spaces that align with the vision of success associated with top-tier Chinese companies. Gensler Beijing worked closely with the client to develop the main lobby, retail, and parking areas of this 34-story tower in tenant turnkey condition. A clear vision from the building approach to the generous triple-height lobby artfully emphasizes the recessed entrance to the podium wing. Strong, flexible, fast-growing, and sustainable — the building itself draws inspiration from bamboo, with a generous column-free space at its base. The Wangjing-based headquarters evokes the balance and poise symbolic of bamboo and transforms a structural limitation into a vivid, gestural flow.