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How can we reimagine USPS’s mission of connecting people to evolve with an aging real estate paradigm?

Research Project Name

The Future of USPS Real Estate

What We Did

We evaluated shifting value propositions for physical post offices in the U.S., and what that means for our communities as well as for the real estate portfolio of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). We connected with external experts to advise our research process, and conducted primary and secondary research into the history and current state of the post office. We documented how the post office has historically served as a catalyst for enterprise, industry, and communication. We analyzed how the post office has created or amplified a sense of identity and place in America — and for the communities it represent.

Ultimately, we understood USPS as a series of systems and assets; we used this understanding to establish a framework for community and site selection parameters. Now as the post office considers how best to use its existing real estate, it can ensure that its future real estate strategy keeps with the USPS mission of bringing communities together.

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Reid Brockmeier, John Ferns, Shixa Patel, Eric Bieber, Brooke Rho, John Cassidy, Ryan MacCrea

Year Completed