How is the hospitality industry responding to the rise of Airbnb?

Research Project Name

The Airbnb Effect

What We Did

Airbnb is a fast-growing phenomenon. In order to fully appreciate the magnitude of recent industry shifts, we mapped the history of Airbnb, the impact on the hospitality industry, and regulations positioned against the company.

Our research showcased Airbnb and the hotel industry from both a customer perspective and a business perspective. We surveyed Airbnb users on how financial and value-based decisions can lead to choosing Airbnb over alternatives. For congruence with our survey, we launched a questionnaire for leading hotel brands and Gensler’s hospitality clients to gauge Airbnb’s impact on those hotel brands. Finally, we facilitated conversations with our hospitality clients. We analyzed where the hospitality industry is today, what challenges exist, and what its vision is for the future.

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Todd Heiser, Prince Ambooken, Lisa Hibler, Nathan Klinge, Hilary Ingram, Lorraine Francis, Vincenzo Centinaro

Year Completed