Sportsmen's Lodge outdoor dining with redwoods
Sportsmen’s Lodge outdoor dining
Sportsmen’s Lodge outdoor walkway
Sportsmen's Lodge outdoor walkway
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Sportsmen’s Lodge

Studio City, California

A new heart for the valley, Sportsmen’s Lodge is a casual oasis for wellness, shopping, and dining in LA’s Studio City. Established in 1945 and reimagined in 2021, the outdoor shopping center encompasses 95,700 square feet of walkable retail, dining, fitness, and communal space. The new Sportsmen’s Lodge reflects an evolution of California modernism through a thoughtful integration of architecture, landscape, lighting, and branding into an existing setting adjacent the aging Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel.

To create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, the shopping destination features elegant, operable, and minimalist storefronts that are accented by preserved venerable redwoods surrounding a meandering pond, inspired by the local arroyo seco geography. The reimagined pond is supported with reclaimed water and dotted with the subtle colors and textures of native, drought-resistant plants of California. The buildings are arranged to put the landscape on center stage and reflect the surrounding single-story residential scale.

Ample surface-lot parking and multiple entrances make the retail development easy to access both by foot and by car. A shady courtyard offers modular seating, designed to welcome friends to gather for a glass of wine or families to come together for a shared meal, with each individual bringing their favorite meals from several of the complex’s restaurants. Sportsmen’s Lodge is a surprising hidden gem in the valley, and features updated mixed-use amenities that carry the historic retail property forward to resonate with future generations.