Real Agave tequila bar with patrons.
Real Agave bar tables and booth seating.
Real Agave bar and restaurant hallway.
Real Agave restaurant seating.
Real Agave bar Day of the Dead mural.
Two women walking in building lobby to Real Agave.
Real Agave tequila bar and arched hallway.
Real Agave booth seating and ceiling mural.
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Real Agave

Houston, Texas

Real Agave is a sophisticated new tequila lounge in Downtown Houston that brings an unexpected and attractive upgrade to a traditional Class A office building. Previously the location of a lobby bank branch, the entrance to the restaurant is transformed by a unique architectural “exterior facade.” On the other side of the walls, patrons are introduced to tequila culture, which can be enjoyed in a big social setting at the bar, at intimate lounge seating, or in private event spaces.

Real Agave’s brand comes to life in the well-choreographed details of the 2,300-square-foot space. The use of blue hues is inspired by blue agaves and traditional Mexican cobalt blue glass. To evoke the authenticity of local, Mexican folk art, the space’s interior weaves in lively Day of the Dead murals, creating a dynamic visual experience for patrons.