A view of a building straight on with flags and a slanted roof
A building with flags in front of it.
A large cafe amenity space with roll-up tables
A large athletic space at Oscar Mike sports facility
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A view of Oscar Mike from the road
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Oscar Mike
Sports & Training Center

Timberlane, Illinois

The Oscar Mike Sports & Training Center will be a first-of-its-kind facility to bring together groups of injured veterans to train across a variety of adaptive sports, emphasizing camaraderie and introducing collaborative ways to support their wellbeing. The sports training facility will include two customized courts that can flex to host adaptive sports for wounded veterans — including wheelchair rugby — as well as living accommodations, a business center, and areas to dine and relax.

Taking boundary-pushing steps toward a new definition of accessibility, every detail is designed so that veterans of a wide range of abilities can comfortably and equitably use the space. At the mission-driven Oscar Mike facility, injured veterans are holistically supported as they leverage the value of teamwork and skill-building to discover new ways to be active, independent, and engaged with their physical and mental health.