A man wearing glasses.

Dr. Michael O’Neill, Ph.D., CPE

Data Science Research Lead

Dr. Mike leads Data Science Research for the Gensler Research Institute, and currently heads Gensler’s Workplace Performance Index® (WPIx) client survey program. The WPIx measures space effectiveness and workplace experience. His long-time area of practice is applied workplace analytics, which includes developing machine learning and AI tools that provide key insights directed at improving workplace design outcomes such as employee well-being and performance. With nearly four decades of experience in research consulting, he has applied his expertise to workplace strategy projects with a variety of clients, including Northrop-Grumman, Saint-Gobain, Roche, SWA, and Rollins School of Public  Health.

Dr. Mike has a BA in psychology, and an M. Arch and PhD in Architecture. He is a Board-Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE). He has published three books — his most recent, “The Healthy Workplace Nudge,” was a finalist for the 2020 CORENET Global Innovation Award.