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Can the design community help retailers streamline their site selection process?

Research Project Name

Leveraging Client Networks to Inform Retail Site Recommendations

What We Did

Our process begins with market and competitor exploration. With Esri data, we developed demographic profiles of existing locations to develop demographic insights, ultimately creating a demographic profile we can "best fit" to potential new locations. Demographic data and similar variables are only part of the puzzle, so we identified and mapped a set of competitor breweries for our client entering the market in Charlotte, North Carolina — mapping competitors’ radial demographics while fine-tuning the unique drivers of our client’s industry in Charlotte.

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Christi Van Maanen, Tim Roesler, Cory Siegrist, Gina Blitzstein, Tracie Lear, Janet Pogue McLaurin, Jim Camp, Stephen Freret, Laura Sullivan, Jennifer Tidd, Holly Harshman, Alexander Klohr

Year Completed