Regional Leadership

Robin Klehr Avia

Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.8611

Robin Klehr Avia’s leadership is a hallmark of her professional reputation — whether she is setting a strategic...

Joseph Brancato

Chair, Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.1541

 |  LinkedIn » Joe is a Co-Managing Principal for Gensler’s Northeast and Latin America regions and Chair of the firm’s Board...

Rocco Giannetti

Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.1539

 |  LinkedIn » Rocco is a Co-Managing Principal for Gensler’s Northeast region. With nearly 30 years of experience at the...

Office Leadership

Jared Krieger

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 202.721.5320

 |  LinkedIn » Jared is Co-Managing Director of Gensler's Boston office. A versatile leader and strategic thinker, Jared works...

Jeanne M. Nutt

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 617.619.5750

 |  LinkedIn » As Co-Managing Director of the Boston office, Jeanne sets the office’s strategic direction to ensure that it...


Alejandro Soto

Realization Leader, Principal

+1 617.305.0873

 |  LinkedIn » Al is a Principal and technical design leader in Gensler’s Boston office. Since joining the firm in 2005, Al...

Alexander Fernández

Design Director, Principal

+1 617.619.5723

 |  LinkedIn » A Gensler Design Director and Principal, Alex’s relentless passion for art and design combined with his keen...

Alfred Byun

Design Director

+1 617.619.5776

 |  LinkedIn » As a Design Director and Workplace Strategist based in Gensler’s Boston office, Alfred advises companies on...

Arlyn Vogelmann

Strategy Director, Principal

+1 617.619.5780

 |  LinkedIn » As co-leader of Gensler Boston’s Work Sector, Arlyn directs workplace strategy and design teams across four...

Colleen Wallace

Design Manager

+1 617.619.5836

 |  LinkedIn » As a Design Manager and Financial Services Leader in Gensler’s Boston office, Colleen brings her client-focused...

Erik Lustgarten

Sciences Leader, Principal

+1 617.619.5870

 |  LinkedIn » A global leader in Gensler's Sciences practice, Erik applies his deep understanding of the technical challenges...

Fran Noval

Studio Director, Principal

+1 617.619.5749

 |  LinkedIn » As a Principal and Studio Director in Gensler’s Boston office, Fran is a leader with a deep commitment to...

Julie Reker

Mixed Use Practice Area Leader


 |  LinkedIn » As a Mixed Use Practice Area Leader in Gensler’s Boston office, Julie brings over 25 years of architectural...

Karina Silvester

Studio Director

+1 617.619.5872

 |  LinkedIn » As a Studio Director and Technology Leader in Gensler’s Boston office, Karina shares deep knowledge of emerging...

Keller Roughton

Studio Director, Principal

+1 617.619.5758

 |  LinkedIn » Keller is a Principal and Studio Director in Gensler’s Boston office. He leads the Education Practice for the...

Kenneth I. Fisher


+1 617.619.5710

For over 30 years, Ken has focused on designing forward-thinking science and educational environments at the...

Matthew Bacon

Practice Area Manager

+1 (617) 619-5798

 |  LinkedIn » As the Practice Area Manager for Gensler’s Boston office, Matthew brings 30 years of experience in brand...

Michael Kocher

Design Manager

+1 617.619.5760

 |  LinkedIn » Michael is a Design Resilience and Education Leader based in Gensler’s Boston office, where he helps realize...

Patricia Nobre

Studio Director, Principal

+1 617.619.5713

 |  LinkedIn » As a Principal and Studio Director at Gensler, Patricia leads a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to helping...

Stephen Newbold

Media Leader

+1 917.763.1525

 |  LinkedIn » As a Media Leader and Technical Architect based in Gensler’s Boston office, Stephen brings over 30 years of...

Todd Dundon


+1 617.619.5725

 |  LinkedIn » As an Office Buildings Practice Area leader for the Northeast region, Todd works closely with corporate...

Whitney Eveler

Design Director

+1 617.619.5732

As a Design Director based in Gensler Boston’s office, Whitney engages in close collaboration to develop design...