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LAX Intermodal Transit Facility West

Los Angeles, California

Encompassing 1.7-million-square-feet, the LAX Economy Parking Structure is the first component of LAX’s $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program, which provides an alternative to help reduce vehicles driving into the Central Terminal Area. Located between Westchester Parkway and 96th Street, the four-story parking structure provides drop-off/pick-up locations and short and long-term parking options. The transportation facility is the new front door to the airport — with an express link to the terminal area via the Automated People Mover (APM) train.

The LAX Economy Parking Structure features a parking space indicator system, meet and greet space, valet parking, 5,000 square feet of concession space, Wi-Fi, and direct connection to an APM station. The transportation facility also houses Los Angeles World Airport’s Security & Badging Office. The transit-oriented development creates a sense of local identity, connecting people to the place, and encouraging activity through a core retail and commercial plaza at the street level.

The design team incorporated sustainable features, including electric vehicle charging stalls, drought-tolerant landscaping, the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures and recycled water, and a parking guidance system that reduces circulation time and emissions.