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Research Project Name

Inclusive Design and the Black Experience

What We Did

It’s estimated that only 2% of U.S. architecture professionals, and only 3% of design professionals more broadly, are Black. Further, Black people make up only 5% of urban and regional planners in the United States. Issues of accessibility and how design supports all people are far from solved. And we must not shortchange the communities at the heart of the original inclusive design strategies. But Black people, and issues of race and inclusion, have been excluded from these discussions entirely. Importantly, updating language will not produce meaningful change. We cannot achieve inclusive design through checklists and principles alone — a design process that includes diverse representatives and perspectives must be our first step forward.

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Josh Berliner, Nambi Gardner, Caty Moniz, Zsuzsi Nagy, Gail Napell, Kati Osztian-Hadfield, Amy Pothier, Amanda Ramos, Vivian Schapsis, Clark Sept

Year Completed