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How can we effectively design for the coexistence of humans and robots?

Research Project Name

"Excuse Me, Robot..." The Rules of Human-Centric Space in the 21st Century

What We Did

We explored the rise of autonomous moving robots (AMRs) occupying physical space and their associated impact on architecture and the human experience. We started by conducting interviews with a series of professionals with AMR experience — including robotics engineers, futurists, accessibility experts, academics, and developers — to understand and anticipate the challenges, opportunities, and concerns associated with AMRs. We used key takeaways from the interviews to develop guiding principles that outline top considerations for the physical, technological, and psychological implications of designing for and sharing space with AMRs. Next, we conducted a charette in which designers were tasked with solving design challenges revolving around the accommodation of specific technical requirements for hypothetical robots in different building types, including: healthcare, hotel, office, and museum scenarios. The research culminated in the development of approaches to space planning and architecture that accommodates this evolving technology.

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Abbie Howard, Nathan Scheidt, Natalie Engels, Francisco Gonzalez, Diana Shin, Melanie Rodriguez, Kimberly Brown

Year Completed