A desert landscape with a helicopter flying over it.

As the Sub-Saharan African economy and market grow, what role should design play?

Research Project Name

Developing a Design Approach for Sub-Saharan Africa

What We Did

We aggregated research on two major Sub-Saharan economic hubs — Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria — investigating the unique social and economic elements in how design can help the region. Our research is differentiated from past work on this topic by a focus on the human experience. We held a design strategy workshop, or a paneled discussion, to ensure our vision reflected the most pressing regional concerns. Our inaugural workshop included 28 attendees representing various stakeholders of positive change in the region: IDB, Deloitte, Accenture, IADB, IFC, Commerce, Tiphub, and DBIA. Finally, we synthesized our findings and socialized our work among clients and the design community.

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Thabo Lenneiye, Levi Schoenfeld, Carolyn Sponza, Erica Oppenheimer, Simi Marinho

Year Completed