Research Project Name

Designing Individual and Team Personas

What We Did

With the rise in hybrid working, office workers are being afforded more flexibility and autonomy around how and where they work. This shift requires organizations to think more intentionally about how they design space for their workforce. Our research intends to address the process of identifying and developing individual and team personas to create more empathetic and inclusive design solutions in the workplace. Currently, there is no standardized set of personas that can be broadly applied to every organization. To address this, we developed a framework to guide the process of designing personas in the workplace. The six-step framework considers relevant stakeholders who should be involved in the process, as well as identifying objectives, intentions, and action items. The guide completes with five case studies that can be referenced for inspiration when developing persona projects.

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Zsuzsi Nagy, Darshan Shah, Kati Osztian-Hadfield, Garima Gupta, Olaitan Awomolo

Year Completed