reception with digital screen
cafe and open collaboration space
open collaboration with NYC skyline views
branded elevator lobby
reception with digital screen
interconnecting stair with digital screens
open and closed collaboration
work cafe space
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Confidential Consulting Firm

New York, New York

The U.S. headquarters for this leading consulting firm models a new approach to an immersive workplace that blurs the line between client space and workspace. Each floor of this revolutionary West Side redevelopment features a client welcome zone that integrates visitor and employee experience into the firm’s daily operations. The consulting firm’s workplace is organized into a series of neighborhoods that are woven by a connecting, meandering path inspired by the High Line. Atop the workplace is a convening floor dedicated to hosting large-scale events in a sleek, dynamic environment.

The 360-degree city views of the surrounding neighborhood are celebrated with a playful approach to form and material. Key points are punctuated with interactive digital content. Using detailed 3D modeling from the outset, Gensler’s collaborative design process helped realize a space that links the firm’s physical presence to its forward-thinking service model. The result is a dynamic workplace designed to attract tomorrow’s top-tier global talent.